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"A Green Dog is a Great Dog!"
Our Houston dog training Basic Obedience Programs teach all the Basic Commands:

  • Heel with Automatic Sit
  • Sit
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down
  • Down-Stay
  • Place (dog going to bed and laying down)
  • Recall (dog coming when called)

If your dog already knows some commands, we will advance your dog as much as possible. We will take your dog

to their personal best.

Our Board & Train and Private Lessons address behavior problems that include:

  • Jumping
  • Chewing
  • Play Biting
  • Bolting out door/gates
  • Digging
  • Housebreaking
  • Etc.
We offer Board & Train,
Private Lessons, Consultations,
Phone & Video Lessons.
Programs are customized to meet your specific needs.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Your dog is trained and stays at Green Dog during the entire training duration. With this type of program, Green Dog is training your dog for you. We train you, the owner, at the conclusion of your dog's training stay. You are shown step-by-step exactly how to reinforce and maintain the training at home. Your dog is taught to listen to you as they have learned to with us. You and your dog come back approximately one week later for a short follow-up lesson to insure proper maintenance. The three and four week Board & Train programs come with a lifetime warranty. This means should you ever have any problems or questions following training that you with your dog may come as often as needed for private 
instruction. This can be extremely beneficial for puppies that may develope new behavior issues as they get mature.
This support is at no additional cost and is available for as long as you have your dog.

Training is about consistency and repetition. The longer the training stay with us, the more advanced the dog will be in their training and the easier the maintenance of the training is for you. 

This program covers all our basic commands as well as works on behavior problems. This extensive program is for dogs of all ages. Additional days or weeks of training may be added to this program at an additional charge.

An obedience certification is issued at completion of program.
We include your trainer's recommended training supplies.

​The cost of boarding is included in the training prices.

An instructional training video starring your dog is provided.

This is a package consisting of 5 lessons which are 1 hour each in length. They are held at Green Dog Training once a week for five weeks. The trainer works individually with you and your dog on the basic commands and behavior issues.
 "Homework" is assigned at the end of each lesson to be practiced at home in between lessons.
Before you bring your new puppy home, let us consult you on giving your dog the best head start. We can also guide you on the best breed for your family and lifestyle. We can tell you what you need for your puppy and the best way to stop bad habits before they start. We will guide you as the best way to housebreak your dog and deal with behaviors
such as chewing, play biting and jumping.

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10959 Ponderosa Timbers Drive,  Conroe, Texas 77385
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